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The Romulan Star Empire Sim's Acadmey Classes are required courses. ALL members must attend 2 academy courses to take their place on the sim. After your first class though, you may attend the next sim. You can watch, but not participate. It is good to attend at least one sim as an observer, it will help you to familarize yourself with the commands used. Here are the courses you must take:

Course 1: History:

This course tells you a bit about Romulan history. It will also give you a few Romulan words to memorize the meanings of. They are important commands that will be used during the sim. During the sim, I will, for the first while, have the meaning off the command in brackets after the phrase.

Course 2: How to Sim:

This course will tell you the simple commands for you to use. A few examples are:

The action command: When you are doing something, you must write it like this:


An example of the use is:

Capt.sKara> ::looks at the helmsman:: Plot and engage course to the Neutral Zone.


The academy class meets on Saturdays in channel #RSES-Academy. The time is: 2:00 PM Central/3:00PM Eastern

If you have any questions about the Academy, or concerns, please, email me.