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Name: Tach'Ara Ch'Lan Romath

Rank: Commander

Position: first officer on board the RSE Kaleva

Previous Posts -- CMO aboard RSE Alexia, 7yrs. Left medicine for a break---- continued working in the intelligence/securities fields onboard the RSE M'Chran (past 8 years)

Parents: ----both deceased

Siblings: ----none

Brief History of events:

Born 2335. Attended Military Academy for a period of 5 years, beginning 2360. Still holding a valid medical license, and could be used in Medical/Surigical again if needed---- but wanted a rest from the field---

- participated in numerous Federation raids, and has given lectures at the Military Academy-- has been known to think in termsof pure logic at times, like a Vulcan---- therefore, earned the nickname "the Vulcan-thinking Romulan!"

Apearance: 5'9", black hair, brown eyes, 165 pounds

Personality: pleasent, Wants things done ONE way------- the ROMULAN way!!!!!! Does not anger easily but will only tolerate so much "BS" and then anger results! When angry---- can be quite violent! So cool, calm and collected that the enemy can't figure out what he's thinking or planning!!!! Always studying, always devising, always exploring honest in dealings with people, but where matters of intelligence are concerned, will stop at nothing to obtain the information he wants (aside from torture-- does not engage in it!) does not take prisoners-- but kills enemies outright.

Has a great sense of humor---- but again, being so conscientious in intellect matters, literally NO humor in matters of breach of trust ------ a very loyal Romulan!