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Fleet Commander R'tara s'Klana



Name: R'tara L'tarnsa s'Klana

Rank: Fleet Commander

Position: Commanding Officer of the RSE Kaleva

Gender: Female

Parents: S'Vena (mother) and K'tolak (father)

Siblings: None

Other Positions: Asst. Engineer (RSE Nurian), Asst. Engineer (RSE Latran), Cheif Engineer and 2nd Officer (RSE Ka'Logh), 1st Officer (RSE Ka'Logh), Commanding Officer (RSE Kaleva)

Personality: Wild, reacts on instinct, will fight on challenge, interesting, funny

Age: 33 (Young by Romulan Standards)

Height: 5ft 11 inches

Weight: 198 lbs

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Light Brown

Marital Status: Single

Hobbies: listening to music, reading, swimming on the Holodeck, drawing



2342: Born on ch'Rihan (Romulus) to S'Vena and K'tolak

2346: Fell of a tree and broke a left leg.

2350: Was in a shuttle accident and broke 3 ribs, her left arm, and her left ankle

2362: Joined the Romulan Military Academy

2366: Graduated RMA. Took post as Asst. Engineer on the RSE Nurian.

2368: Was re-assigned to the RSE Latran, also as Asst. Engineer

2370: Given the rank of Cheif Engineer, on board the RSE Ka'Logh

2372: Became 1st Officer of the Ra'Logh

2374: Given command of the RSE Kaleva. Was involed in the counter attack on the Borg when they inveded Romulan space. Most crew was killed, or assimilated. The rest, including herself, were severly injured.

2375: Returned to the Kaleva, and now needs a new crew.