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This dictionary was put together from pieces of dictionaries that I found over the net.


aefvadh interj.-1 greeting, literally "be welcome"
aehallh n.-1 a monster or ghost 2 an illusory creature, cognate to "nightmare" in terran tradition that "rides" the dreamer to its perdition 3 the image or illusion that one being has of another, as opposed to the true nature of the person in question.
ael adj.-1 winged creature 2 prop. n. personal name connoting a creature which moves quickly giving one little time to make out details.
afw'ein n.-1 reason, logic, or logical mental process
aidoann n.-1 the moon 2 prop. n. personal name, connoting the moon
aihai n.-1 plains, flatlands, prairie
aihr indicative noun prefix-1 this is
Arrhae proper name-1 worth-in-cash, originally "arrhe"
arrhe n.-1 worth-in-cash 2 derog. a servant who performed the duties of slave below his/her rank, modified to be "a servant more worthy of a higher position than those awarded it"
au'e interj.-1 Oh yes
auethn imperative-1 advise me 2 answer a query
ch'Havran n.-1 planet of the Travelers
ch'Havranha n.-1 native of the planet ch'Havran
ch'Havrannsu n. plural-1 natives of the planet ch'Havran
ch'Rihan n.-1 planet of the Chosen
daise adj.-1 chief, principle, senior, foremost
daisemi'in adj.-1 chief among several
seihu n.-1 senator 2 elder
eisn n.-1 "Homesun", the G9 star 128 Trianguli
Eitreih'hveinn n.-1 the Farmer's Festival
enriov n.-1 admiral of fleet forces.
enarrain n.-1 senior Centurion 2 colonel of infantry
erei'Riov n.-1 subcommander 2 captain of the infantry 3 lieutenant-commander of fleet forces
erein n.-1 antecenturion or subcenturion [Note: Translation sources vary. Officer-cadet of infantry or ensign of the fleet forces.]
etrehh n.-1 machine
fvai, fvaiin n.-1 child's riding beast and house pet [Note: Analogous to the Terran Oligocene-period Mesohippus in size though only approximate in appearance.]
fvillha n.-1 praetor 2 a judicial-level official with some executive powers, now much expanded
fvillhaih n.-1 praetorate
Galae -Fleet (Most specifically, space fleet, since the battles of Rihannsu history were principally land-based. However, there was a later, enthusiastic adoption of massed airpower in both the offensive and defensive modes, and it is here, rather than in naval tradition, that the term has it's origins.)
Haerh-Cargo Space
Haerht-Cargo Hold
Huad-Writing (see text of haudet')
Hnhuadr-Data Transfer (Direct protocol transfer from one computer to another)
Huadet'-Printout (from huad, writing, and etrehh, machine. Computer printout: sometimes, screen dump as well. Cf hnhaudr, see above)
Hfai, Hfehan-Servant(s) (Bond servant earning a wage, but without the liberty of changing employers at will)
Hfihar-House (Noble families, NOT dwellings. see below.)
Hfihrnn-Houses (see above)
hlai, hlaiim-Large, flightless bird(s), farmed for their meat; similar to the terran ostrich. The very largest are also tamed for children to ride. This, however, renders their meat unusable.
hlai'hwy, hlai'vna-"Held" and "Loose" hlai; domesticated and wild (game) birds.
Hna'h-Engage (activation-imperative suffix, eg: "Fire!" "Energize!" "Go!")
Hnafirh-See (but not as an active verb; passive with an implication that someone else must cooperate in the act of sharing or imparting information. Cf. hnafirh'rau)
Hnafirh'rau-Let me/us see it (see above)
Hnafiv-Hear (as above)
Hnafiv'rau-Let me hear (see above)
Hrrau-at/on/in (a general locative particle or infix)
Hru'hfe-Head Servant (Head-of-the-Household. The senior servant among the domestic staff, appointed as overseer and servant's manager)
Hru'hfirh-Head of House (euphemism: "The Lord", Most senior member of a noble family)
H'ta fvau-Come back here (To last place! Immediate return!)
Hteij-Transporter (Transmat. Not considered as a reliable form of travel, most of the time (possibly understandable, considering that the technology was bought second hand from the khell'oann-mhehorael))
Hteij'rhe-Transporter Room
Hwaveyiir-Bridge (Command-Executive center, the flight bridge of a ship as opposed to the combat-control area. (See Oira))
Hwiiy-You are (sometimes imperative)
Ie-Yes (Come, General response or acknowledgement)
ie'yyak-hnah-Fire Phasers!
iehyyak-Multiple Phasers ("multiple" rather than "several" phasers, especially in reference to the combat-control area)
khellian-Hunter (Archaic, also a proper house-name)
khell'oann-mhehorael-The Klingon Empire (See lloann'mhrahel)
-Khoi-Cease (Cease, switch off, finish)
khre'Riov-Commander-General (Equivalent to a colonel of infantry or a commodore of fleet forces)
kllhe-Worm (The annelid worm, introduced to domestic hlai-pens, which ingests the acidic dung and thus processes it to usable fertilizer. Also and insult.)
kll'inghann-The Klingon people (however see khell'oann-mhehorael)
lehe'jhme-A fruit used to make wine
llaekh-ae'rl-Laughing Murder; the practice or kata forms of a common Rihannsu unarmed combat technique.Provence of the name is uncertain
lluadh-A sneaky person (not always an insult when used in reference to Rihannsu people or culture)
llhrei'sian-Diarrhea (as a result of mild food poisoning; a term exactly equivalent to "The runs." "The Titanian two-step." "The (any number of edible object)'s revenge."
llilla'hu-That will do ("That's just enough"; barely adequate, sufficient.)
lloann'mhrahel-The United Federation of Planets (However, the term translates most acuurately as "Them, from There" (as opposed to "Us, from Here"). The Klingons, once encountered, were promptly named khell'oann-mhehorael ("More of them, from Somewhere Else".))
lloan'na-Fed (catchall title for a UFP member, translating exactly as a/the Fed)
lloannen'galae-Federation Fleet (Federation Battlegroup, Task Force; the word has aggressive connotations that do not differentiate between warships and civilian vessels, but then Rihannsu have seldom seen the need to regard ships other than ours as anything but potential enemies.)
Mnek'nra-Good (Well, good, correct, satisfactory, inferior-superior mode)
Mnekha-Good (As above, superior-inferior mode)
Mnhei'sahe-The Ruling Passion (The concept, or concept complex, that rules most of Rihannsu life in terms of Honor. Mnhei'sahe is primarily occupied with courtesy to the people around one: this courtesy, depending on circumstances, may require killing a person to do him honor, or severely disadvantaging oneself on his behalf. There are many ramifications too involved to go into, but generall Mnhei'sahe is satisfied if all the parties to an agreement feel that their "face" or honor is intact after a (social) or other transaction. NB: The concept has occasionally been mistranslated as implying that a given action is done "for another person's good." This is incorrect; such a concept literally does not exist in Rihannsu culture. One does things for one's own good -- or rather, the good of one's honor, and if properly carried out, the actions in question will have benefitted the other parties in the transaction as well.)
nei'rrh-small birds, similar in size and flight characteristics to terran hummingbirds. (family Trochilidae). With a poison-secreting spur on the upper mandible of the beak. Also an insult, referring to a person annoying or dangerous out of all proportion to their size, status, or (usually) worth.
neth (...nah'lai)-either (...or)
(neth...) nah'lai-(either...) or
nuhirrien-Charisma ("look-toward, the quality of charisma or mass attractiveness)
oal'lhih-Announce the presence/the arrival
oira-Battle control (aboard warbird-class and smaller ships, this is the same as the bridge-deck (see hwaveyiir) as the flight control area, although rigged for combat; but on larger, Klingon-built Akif and K't'inga class vessels the word applies to a seperate, heavily armored area deep in the command prow.)
qiuu'n (oaii)-everything, "The lot."
Ra'kholh-Avenger (A popular ship-name in the Rihannsu fleet)
Ra'tleihfi-The capitol city on ch'Rihan
rehei-Private name, fourth name, the name a Rihannsu finds within oneself and then shares only with those closest to him/her.
rekkhai-Sir (inferior-superior high-phase mode)
rha-rh'e-"Indeed?" "Is that so?" (colloq. vulg. "Oh yeah?")
Rihanh-The Declared
Rihanha-One of the Delcared (A romulan)
Rihannsu-relating to the Declared (Adjective: Romulan)
Riov-Captain of Fleet Forces. "Commander" of a warship.
rrh-thanai-Hostage-Fostering (sometimes the making of peace by the exchanging of children, each to be brought up by the other's tradition to further understanding and harmony. Sometimes the exchange is simply to provide leverage and a surety of good behavior: "Don't do this, or your son/daughter will die." Fosterings often start in one context and end up in another.)
S'harien-Pierceblood (The name in Old Vulcan, chosen by pre-sundering Vulcan's most famous swordsmith as a reaction against the teachings of surak: The name was also given to his swords)
siuren-Minutes (Or at least, the Rihannsu equivalent, actually equal to 50.5 secs.)
sseikae-A scavenger, analogous to the Terran hyena Crocuta Crocuta and employed as an insult in the same way)
ssuaj-ha-understood (Inferior-Superior mode)
ssuej-d'ifv-Do you understand (Superior-Inferior mode)
sthea'hwii-I request (an action) be done at once (superior-inferior, courteous mode.)
ta krenn-Look there! (Look at this!)
ta'khoi-Screen off (Usage for voice-activated equipment and (if used to another person) very explicit superiority)
ta'rhae-Screen on (See above.)
th'ann(-a)-(the) prisoner
T'liss-A bird of prey/Warbird-class starship
thrai, thraiin-Predator, analogous to the Terran wolverine Gulo luscus; and possessed of similar legendary traits for persistance, vengeful stubborness, and ferocity.
tlhei-My word (Occasionally as in "My (given) word" but more usually "My command/Order/bidding")
urru-go to... (A non-mode imperative, which if circumstances permit can be used from low to high as well as the more usual vice-versa.)
vaed'rae-Attend me (Hear me/Attend me, more imperative than "Listen", and more formal)
vah-udt-"What rank?" (Who are you (to be asking/doing this)?)
vriha-highest/most superior
yhfi-ss'ue-Travel tubes (The public transport system of the five rail-mounted cars, powered by electromagnetic linear morots, carrying 20 persons in an enclosed weatherproof tubes.)
Arrenhe-Graceful (exact translation)
Aen v'Saeihr-Wing of the Stars (Or StarWing)
Lhaerrh-Lifter (Object that lifts)
Lhaerrhnen-Lifter (One that lifts)
Dhael-Bird (General; conceptual, as often applied to REAL birds, as to the thought-image of a bird, or gliding, or soaring, etc.)
Ssaedhe-Gallant, Brave
Rehllai-To Explode
Fveirrolh-Vigilant, Perserverant
Khall'ianen-Seeker (One who searches)
Hveillh-Territory; usu. an area of land but now accepted in terms of space as well.

a'hyan hnaai ll'anha - "(persons name), get an away team ready to go."

a'hyan hnaai ll'anha - "(persons name), get an away team ready to go."
Areinnye - the Rihannsu Hell.
Areinnye'n-hnah! - "Go to Hell!"
au lagga'ju - "A flower for an angel."
auethn - advise me, answer a query.
Daise'Enarrain - Fleet Captain.
Daise'Erein - Lieutenant junior grade.
Daise'Erei'Riov - Commander (First Officer rank).
Daise'Khre'Riov - Admiral.
daisemi'in - chief among several.
Daisemi'Maenek - Chief Medical Officer.
deihu - "elder"; a member of the Senate.
dev - ten (10).
dinglh - food center.
Diserhn'Maenek - Assistant Medical Officer.
Enarrain-a - pl. Enarrain.
eneh hwau' kllhwnia na imirrhlhhse - an obscenity.
Erei'Riov - Lieutenant Commander.
Erein-a - pl. Erein.
fvaiin - pl. fvai.
gletten - thin soup.
hlaiin'hwy - pl. hlai'hwy.
hteij'rhae - "Activate transporter", "Transporter activated."
hwaveyiir - bridge.
hwiiy - "You are (adjective or some thing)." ie. "Hwiiy veruul!" "You are a fool!"
i'au-d fiv? - "Do you know me?"
io - one (1).
jolan tru - "Good Day/Night."
Kah'tan - Caitan.
Kah'tan-a - pl. Kha'tan.
kaleh - dagger.
ke'rhin - fellow Rihanha.
ke'rhin-a - fellow Rihannsu.
kheh - grain used to make Rihannsu Ale.
kheinsar - pl. kheinsa.
khellian-a - pl. khellian.
khi - four (4).
khlenai - replicator.
khlenaiin - pl. khlenai.
khoi - switch off.
Khre'Riov - Vice Admiral.
kllhe - a worm that digests hlai dung. Also an insult.
Kll'inghann-a - pl. Kll'inghann.
lagga - Rihannsu flower.
laggar - pl. lagga.
lhhei - "Madam."
lle - eight (8).
Lloann'nar - pl. Lloann'na.
Lloann'na'au-d fiv? - "Do you know that Fed?"
neh - nine (9).
re - two (2).
reh - seven (7).
rha - "Indeed."
rhae - switch on.
rh'e - "Is that so."
rhi - five (5).
siuren-a - pl. siruen.
sseikear - pl. sseikea.
Tal Shiar - Rihannsu Imperial Intelligence Service.
th'ann, th'ann-a - prisoner(s).
thi - three (3).
tho - six (6).
Uhlan - junior rank in the Rihannsu Guard.
Vriha'Erein - lieutenant.
Vorta Vor - Rihannsu Eden or Heaven.
veruul - an insult.
viinerine - a traditional dish (food).
wagi - Rihannsu bush with many thorns.
wagiin - pl. wagi.
ya-ie'yakk - "Armed and ready to open fire."
y'kllhe - "You worm!"


way (n)- skara
we (pn)- -kent, -ket
weak (a)- aptu
weapon (n)- adaha
wear (v)- labar
weather (n)- tarod
weight (n)- pushan
west (n)- ahat
when -
while (prep)- kela
whisper (v)- ishta
white (a)- enai
wide (a)- amdarai
wife (n)- aparru
wild (a)- halza
wind (n)- shashura
wine (n)- anazh
wing (n)-
winter (n)-
wipe (v)- ras
wise (a)- davaz
wish (v)- enasha
with (prep)- kis
without (p)- kisev
woman (n)- arru
wood (n)- kehaz
word (n)- emon
work (v)- kuman
world (n)- erad
worship (v)- shatir
wound (v)- khada
write (v)- eb
year (n)- kurun
yellow (a)- aranna
yes (interjection)-
yesterday (n)- aibi
you (pn)- -nis, -kenis
young (a)- ava
your(s) - -nar, -nam