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What you need to participate

This is an IRC based organization (it is FREE, and non-profit). To participate, you need an mIRC program. The folloing address is where you can download the program:

After you have downloaded it, and you have joined, you can add these to the list of servers (they are the ones to use to sim):


You will most likely have them already programed in, but you may wish to program them again, and title them something so that you will know what they are. The reason for have more than one, is because if one doesn't work, another will. I sometimes have the problem that it won't let me conect to one server, but it will another. I don't know why this happens, but it does.

The Kaleva sims Thursday nights, at 7:00 Pm Central/8:00 Pm Eastern. The Academy classes are on Saturday's at 2:00 Pm Central/3:00 Pm Eastern. The channel to use depends on if you are attending a sim, or an Academy class. To attend an actual sim, the channel to use is #RSES

To attend an Academy class, use #RSES-Academy. You can add those to the channel list if you want.


Rules and Regulations

Here is a list off rules you must follow in order to sim with this group:

1. No swearing. Damn is not considered a swear to me, by the way.

2. No acting perverted. You know what that means....

3. (This is a really silly one, but it sums up everything) NO name-calling! Don't call anyone and idiot, or tell them they are stupid and stuff like that, unless they know you are joking.


Violation of these rules will result in a ban from this group. You will not be aloud to sim any longer with RSES.


If you have questions, email them to me.