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I am sorry if I repeated some of the words.  I took words from the many different Vulcan language file that I have, and some of them have the same words as others. 

adun                 life partner (m)
aduna                 life partner (f)
ahkh                 war
an'kharh            fear
ang                 and
ahn                 weapon
ahn'woon            a particular Vulcan weapon.
arie'mnu            mastery of passion and emotion.
arie                 emotion
arivne                 denotes a state of unity between
                matter, energy and thought.
a'Tha                 'immanence' direc experience of the being or
                force responsible for the creation and
                maintenance of the universe. Apparently all
                Vulcans posses this. (Spock's World)
azh                 or
brax                 fast/suddenly
breish                 proposal
breidhah            propose
Cha                 game of the word - also Sim're At cha =
            masters game (DITC)
-cha'                 from (sufix)
c'thia                 'logic', reality-truth, the way things are.
da'Niikhirch            eye of fire
d'mallu                 omnivorous plant
dopra                 announce (action-word)
droy                 answer (action-word)
d'Vel'nahr Vulcan-by-choice
eschak                 destructive psychokinetic effects (STN44)
falikal                 to begin
fal-tor-pan refusion of body and 'katra'
farr                 bonding, joining
formaji                 sand
fort'e (fort'e:)        shed, cast-away
ha'meth                 Vulcan herb
imroy                 walk (action-word)
Ka'athyra            Stringed musical intrument
kae                 mind
kae'at k'lasa            mind rape
kae'at knal'lur            mind eavesdropping
kae'k'akkayam            mind retraining
kaiidth                 "What is - is" (from kya - to exist)
kahru                 learn
kah-hir                 black stone used e.g. for making sword hilts.
kahr-y-tan            the way of the Vulcan
kahs'khiori             shooting-star
kahs'wan            test of passage to adult hood, ordeal of
                Maturity taking at the age of 7
kal-tow a game described as Vulcan chess.
kali                 body
kali-farr            bonding     (lit: body-bonding)
kali-fee            chalange (lit: Body-attack)
kam'nat                 treason
kan-sorn            a purposefully induced comatose state
                of the Vulcan mind.
kapra                 calculate
kash                 expunge
katra essential essence of person (ST3)
                inner consciousness (the soul). There are
                exercises to consciously strengthen and ground
                the katra against dissolution.
Kh'rakla'th            definition of word/phrase
Kh'sparka'th            definition of thing
Kh'knerla'th            definition of sentient
Kh'askpetheya'th        definition of thought
Kh'askeyralatha             definition as in act of making clear
Kh'sparkeyralatha        definition as in measure of clarity
khiori                 star
kh'liorah            light
khostri                 race
kitopila            goal
k'lasa                 rape
knal'lur            eavesdropping
konar feeling of being completely exposed
k'rawhl                 abdomenal region (Jap. Hara)
krat                 cycle
krenath illegitimate child
kreyla                 Vulcan biscuits (STN 12)
kro'el                 the way
kroykah stop! (TOS "Amok Time")
krup                 blue
k'teri                 clear
k'tlerie            surface
k'tmneri            reflect
k'torr skann outcast; without family
k'tvehi                 write
kumi                 awake
kunat                 mating                
kunat kali-fee mating or challenge
kunon sueme a marriage proposal
kya                 to exist
kyani                 not to exist
Kya'shin            teaching of Thought over Emotion
k'wawzhe            invitation
k'war'ma'khon            extended family
lahso                 advise
lailara                 harmony
lakht                 rage
laktra                 grieve
lanka'gar            night-flier (bird of prey)
lasha                 precious stone
las'hark            name for Vulcan sun (comes from lasha)
le'matya            omnivorous Vulcan animal, has poisonous claws
                and diamant-shaped markings.
leshriq                 kneeling position (Jap. Seiza)
lhm'ta                 Vulcan herb
lik'rt                 time unit (eq-second)
lirt'k                 time unit (minute)
loshiraq            cross-legged lotus position
losherok             half-cross-legged position
manah                 to propose
matoy                 die
me-                 from(prefix)
mene                 life
mnah                 proposal
mnu                 mastery
nailara                 universe
na'Tha'thhya            passing-on. The investitute of one's self-that-
                has-been in 'katra' mode.
nehou                 feeling, vibes.
net'no'kwa            story
niazh                 nor
nidroy                 ask
nikh                 eye
niorah                 dark
nirsh                 no
ni'rch                 fire
ni'var                 duality of things, 2 halves that make
                a unity.
orkika                 ancestor
plak                 blood
plak tow blood fever [during mating season](TOS "Amok
plak s'ran            "the blood killing" a Vulcan disease -
                leukokupricytosis. Hemocyanin blood cells
                become deformed, blocking the
                flow of Oxygen. causing edema in the lungs.
                (Genetically linked)
pon                 period, time
pon farr mating cycle (lit: time of joining)(TOS "Amok Time")
porsen                 emotion
prala                 talk
p'pil'lay            severing mind-link between bonded
Qir'lal                 a bening edible fruited thorned succulent root
qomi (qomi:)            human
ram                 yellow
ran                 kill (action word)
reldai                  female religious leader (Old Vul.)
ri'agra                 one-point mindedness
r'mnasek            book
R'tas                 year
sakkhet                 longevity
saya                 fruit-water
sbah                 red
seheik                 declare
senepa                 weapon with poisened tips
Shafor                 Eridian teak. used for the backboard of the
shan hal lak the engulfment (love at first sight)
Shar                 city
S'harien            Antique Vulcan sword. Named after ancient Vulca
                weaponsmith who crafted them. S'harien means
                "Pierceblood" (STN:The Romulan Way)
shi'kar                 To hunt; hunting, the sport, the chase.
shi-ka'ree            A hunter or sportsman, native,
                guide in the chase. (Not that Vulcans hunt
                animals to kill or for sport).
shroy                 listen
sim're                 high masters (DITC)
smoni                 wait
skan                 family
spara                 eat
sulak third party who trivializes a relationship
ta'al                 The Vulcan hand-greeting
t'amtar'am            Verification
tal'shaya            a quick painless breaking of the neck (STN12)
Tela'at                 Elder
Teresh-Kah            Silver bird-like vulcan animals.
tesmur                 prosper
t'han sahat intellectual deconstruction of
emotional patterns.
t'hy'la                 friend-lover-lifelong companion
tich                 live
tikh                 a Vulcan grain
t'kahr                 form of polite address. Meaning among others
                a teacher.
t'khiro                 read
T'Kuhati            month
tor                 long
toriatal            chalange to death (Old Vul.)
totsu                 nerve
totsu'k'hy            Nerve pinch
tow                 fever
tr'aiyar            crime
t'r'vavat            murder
tri'hla                 Vulcan herb
T'Sai                 lady e.g. T'Sai Amanda
t'triahve            IDIC (rather the word that has the
                concept of IDIC)
T'Ved                 day                
tviokh                 derogatory term meaning neighbour used for
                a stranger (alien).
t'zaled to be loyal to the end,
protecting that ones life.
uks                 but
ur-seveh            prosperity (not just material-
                see tesmur)
va'ne (Va'ne:)            hide
va'num                  search
V'hral                 hour
viproy                 call
vrekasht            exile/outcast (Old Vul.)
Wh'ltri                 simple Vulcan meditation technique
khu -                  {verb} to watch (cf. T'Khut female name for the noun "Watcher" -
the planet accompanying Vulcan
a'kweth -             the hidden
tcha-besheh -             the undelies
heya -                  mountain (derived from the first high mountain seen by The Wanderer
as a "cry of surprise and delight"
tikh -                  native grain-bearing grass that is a Vulcan staple, growing in
plain sand
chakh' -             plant; its dried strings were used for weaving nets
ah'hrak -             the forge (Old Vulcam) one of the designations for the World.
lasha -             precious stone
ashv'cezh -              revenge (lit. revenge-worse-than-death)
nakh -                  unit of currency
'ankh -              "the" war, great war
isha -                 do
ishanai -             do not
ishi -                  did
ishinai -             did not
isho -                  will do
ishonai -             will not do
itisha -             is, are, am
itishanai -             is not
itishi -             was
itishinai -             was not
itisho -             will be
itishonai -             will not be
mosha -             eat
moshanai -             not eat
moshi -             ate
moshinai -             did not eat
mosho -             will eat
moshonai -             will not eat
nemusha -             sleep
nemushanai -             not sleep
nemushi -             slept
nemushinai -             did not sleep
nemusho -             will sleep
numushonai -             will not sleep
chosha -             work
choshanai -             not work
choshi -             worked
choshinai -             did not work
chosho -             will work

acha -                  how many           
acho -                  how much           
ainama -             beautiful
aisha -             love                
aiya -                  star                
aiya-wasu -              starship
akaxo -             alien, out-worlder       
anasu -             eye        
anu wunu -             a Vulcan weapon
asha -                 meditate                
atai -                  far                
atako -             there
atano -             few                
cha -                  blood                
chamai -             big
chameto -             ancestor            
chasu -             long                
chatai -             Excuse me!
chaxa -             white                
chikaru -             animal            
chisu -             short
chosha -             work                
choto -             more                
daifu -             sick
e -                  fire                    
Eikana -              English(language)    
Eitara -              Earth(planet)
emafa kito -              Vulcan mind touch        
emafa suru -              Vulcan mind meld        
emi -                  never    
ero -                  after                
eru -                  day                
esha -                  go
eta -                  Vulcan nerve pinch       
fa -                  (see "ha")                
fanasu -             nose
faruwa -             dirty                
fikaru -             strong                
fokima -             sister
fokimo -             brother            
fuma -                  female                
fumo -                  male
futisha -            speak                
ha -                  yes                
imi -                 sometimes
ina -                  no                    
ipai -                  slow            
iri-kaisha -              intermarriage
iro -                  before                
iru -                  night                
isha -                  do
isu -                  down                
itai -                  near                
itaru -             ugly
itisha -             is, are, am           
iya -                  hungry                
kaisha -             marriage
kaifa -             wife                
kaifo -             husband        
kalifa -             Let the ceremony begin!
kara -                  why                
karosha -             prosper
kasei -             phaser                
kasemano -             doctor    
kesu -                 young                
kima -                  afternoon            
kome -                  another
konaya -             food                
konusha -              understand            
kotai -             little
kulifa -             I refuse!            
kuramano -              ambassador     kuroika - stop(command)
lanasu -             ear                
laxa -                  yellow        
loma -                  morning                
macha -             today                
machi -             hot
maiya -             please                
manasu -             leg
masha -             have                
maxa -                  brown                
mekano -             name
mekina -            mother            
mekino -             father                
moi -                  good
moichino -             truth                
mosha -             eat                
nachama -              surprising
nanasu -             foot                
nauto -             what                
nasha -             live
nato -                  moment                
nemaiyo -             thank you           
nemusha -             sleep
no -                  and                
nome -                  all                
noto -                  really
osera -             age                
oyaka -             splendid            
oyori -             good-bye
panasu -             toe                
pata -                  hour            
pulomiku -             Vulcan soup       
racha -             weather                
ranasu -             arm
rano -                  logical                
rato -                  Vulcan grapes           
raxa -                  black
reito -             passport                
reiya -             water                
rena -                  health
rochinu -             academy            
seino -             Of course!            
seisha -             give
seiya -             science                
sehlat-                 Vulcan pet       
semara -              fascinating
shayo -             brandy                
shaxa -             blue
shiru -              pause(sentence)            
shokuto -             hotel            
shoto -              end(sentence)
tai -                  long                
taiya -             old            
taiyo -             chess
tako -                  chess                
talu shaya -             kill by snapping the neck
tara -                  planet                
taxa -                  red                
tema -                  evening
tesha -             wait                
toi -                  time                
urikisha -             read
wani -                  me                
wanimo -             my                
waru -                  bad
wasu -                  ship                
woku -                 book            
Yakana -              Vulcan(language)
yako -                  where                
yami -                  night                
yana -                  you
yanamo -             your                
yanasu -             finger                
yasha -             come
Yatara -              Vulcan(planet)            
Yatomi -            cold                
yaxa -                  green
choshonai -             will not work
urikisha -             read
urikishanai -             not read
urikishi -             did read
urikishinai -             did not read
urikisho -             will read
urikishonai -             will not read
shacha -             hello
moi loma -             good morning
moi kima -            good afternoon
moi tema -            good evening
moi yami -            good night
oyori -             good-bye
ha -                  yes
ina -                  no
yana -                  you
wani -                  me
moi -                  good
waru -                  bad
daifu -             sick
rena -                  health