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There isn't reelly much to say about Vulcan history.  The first part of this page will be exactly the same as the first part of the Romulan History page.  After that, it will be what happened on Vulcan after the other Vulcans left.



Ancient Vulcans were mothing like the Vulcans that StarTrek now knows.   They used to be violent and war like.  The provinces were always at war, constantly fighting for land, and water, for water was a scarce thing on the desert planet. At least 90 percent of the planet was at war at all times. 

Around 80 BC, terran dating, a Vulcan philosipher named Surak, began to practice the control of emotions, and publicly stating that logic was the way to peace.   His ideals were very slow to spread and it took many years before people began to take him very seriously.  But, he did recieve some followers.  One of which was a young man named S'Task and he was Suraks finest pupil.

Around 20 BC, the first signles from an alien race were recieved on Vulcan.  However, the aliens did not come in peace.  They were Orion slave pirates, and they wanted the Vulcans for their slaves.  The Orions captures many of Vulcan's leaders, including S'Task, who had gone to greet the aliens, because Surak had transportion trouble. 

This began the greatest of Vulcan's wars.  They fought with their more primitive space ships, but they were not enough to beet teh Orions.  They used their mind talents to manipulate the Orions into attacking each other and or to drive their ships into the sun.

S'Task had escaped captivity, and began to form a rebbelion against the Orions.  He and his followers over-powered the pirates and eventually crashe his ship into the Orion mother ship.  He escaped in an escape pod, and was found weeks later, almost dead, but kept alive by his own anger.

This began the split between Surak and his student S'Task. After his experience with the Orions, S'Task renounced the pacifism of Surak, saying that pacifism was inappropriate in the hostile universe waiting in interstellar space. However, S'Task was not willing to promote his philosophies actively against Surak, for fear of prodding Vulcan back into a state of war and anarchy. Surak had long preached that "The structure of spacetime is more concerned with means than ends: beginnings must be clean to be of profit", and S'Task agreed with his old master. It was with this in mind that S'Task proposed an alternate solution.

S'Task and his followers decided to leave Vulcan, using the technology that they had stolen from the Orions.  They would find a new planet to live on, with the laws that they wanted, so that Surak and his followers, now many of them, could live their own way. 

50 years later the first far travel Vulcan ship left.  With it went 15 other ships, each carrying 5000 of the 'Declared' to a new planet.  The people decided to avoid all areas located on the Orions star maps, so that they would be sure not to run into them. 

This begins the Vulcan culture as we know it.  Under the leadership of Surak, the people of Vulcan stopped the wars, and went in pursiut of peace.  It took many centuries, but emotion was purged, nearly anyways, although no Vulcan will admit that, and logic became what the Vulcan culture was made up from.  Vulcans pride themselves on the fact the there haven't been any wars, and almost no violence in the last 1500 years, although that number may vary.  The philosophy still is strong today, and that is what all Vulcans you see now in StarTrek are like, or should be like.