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MOTHER:  Amanda, a teacher from earth

FATHER:  Sarek, a Vulcan ambassador

BIRTHDAY:  November 12, 2231 (terran dating)

WIFE: none


As a child, Spock was teased about his heritage.  This angered him, and he got into many fights with the other boys at school.  When he was seven years old, he came homw after getting in a fight at school.  His father scolded him and told him that if he didn't pass the kahs wan, a test of maturity, the next month, he would be very disapointed.  Later that night, Spock ran away, on his own unautherized kahs wan.  He was brought home the next day by his cousin Selek**.  The next month, Spock passed his kahs wan easily and was bonded to T'Pring, a seven year old Vulcan girl.  

When Spock was 18, he applied for Star Fleet Academy.  Sarek did not want him to join, but when he found out, Spock was already going to leave that night.   Sarek wanted Spock to go to the Vulcan Science Academy, and was very angry when he found out.  He declared Spock vrekesht, or disowned him.  Spock left without his father's permission.  This began 18 years of not speaking to eachother. 


Many years later, while Spock was serving on the USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, Spock and his father met, while Sarek was on a diplomatic mission to Babel with many other Ambassadors.  Sarek had a heart attack, and only Spock could save him.  But Spock had to be in command, and he would not leave his post util Kirk recovered from a stab wound.  Kirk faked recoverey so that Spock would help his father and Sarek lived.  They became a little bit closer, but so many years apart made it hard.  (This took place in the TOS episode The Journey to Babel)

Also during this time, Spock went through the Pon Farr, the Vulcan mating drive, and had to return to Vulcan to marry T'Pring.  He disobeyed Kirks orders and took the ship back to Vulcan.  When Kirk found out that Spock would die if Spock didn't go back, he let them continue on the course.  T'Pring did not wish to marry Spock, so she choose the Kunut Kali Fee, the mating challenge, and chose Kirk to fight for her.  After a while, Spock thought that he had killed Kirk, but McCoy had actually just injected him with something that would make him only apper dead.  Spock handed T'Ping over to Stonn, her lover, and returned to the Enterprise to be court-matialled.   He was extremly happy when he found that Kirk was alive. (This took plase in the episode Amok Time)

In 2285, Khan, an old enemy of Kirk's showed up.  After a fight, and Khan kiddnaping Checkov and a few other of Kirk's crew members, Spock is killed.  He was trying to protect the Enterprise, because she was going to destruct (ST2: The Wrath of Khan).  Later he was regenerated on the Genisis planet (ST3: The Search for Spock).  

Many years later, Sarek handed the title of Ambassador to Spock.   Spock had always thought that the Romulans and Vulcans could someday become one species again, so he left the Federation and went to Romulus.  He posed as a Romulan and works with Romulans who also think that this could happen to make it happen.   Captain Jean-Luc Picard, of the USS Enterprise D, went to Romulus to tell Spock of the death of his father (ST:TNG: Unification). 

Spock is still on Romulus as far as anyone knows.


* Some say that in ST3: The search for Spock, when Saavik mated with him to save his life during the Pon Farr, Saavik cocieved a child, and that is why she remained on Vulcan with Spock's mother at the beginning of ST4:The Voyage Home.   There is no proof of this however.

**Not sure of the name.